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If you are an established customer with OxyChem, just fill out the form below and click the Submit button.  We will supply you with a customer ID and password so you can access the system.  Please read the Customer Responsibility below.  If your need more immediate assistance, contact the Connect2 Administrator

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Customer Responsibilities:

Occidental is sensitive to the security and confidentiality issues associated with access to the Connect2 site.  Accordingly, we require that each customer appoint a Security Administrator.  Security Administrators are responsible for all USERIDs and associated access privileges (sold to, ship to, product combinations) for their companies, and they are responsible for notifying Occidental of any changes to validity or privileges of their company's USERIDs.  Occidental will accept additional individuals' USERID requests from customers' employees, but will give prior notice to customers' Security Administrators of any such requests.  The company Security Administrator may disallow any new registration by prompt notice to the Occidental Security Administrator.

Individuals are responsible for the security and integrity of their individual passwords, and should change them frequently.